The Man Band, 2018Man was formed in 1968 out of a Welsh band called The Bystanders.

At least 20 different musicians have been in the band so far. They joined, left, and some came back to leave again. Mickey Jones, founding member of the band, was the only constant guitarist and singer until he became seriously ill in 2002.

Over the last fifty years — apart from when the band split up in 1976 until they came back in 1982 — they recorded more than a dozen studio albums. Their style is a mixture of West Coast Psychedelia, Progressive Rock, and Blues. Because of changes in lineup, the variety of different musical influences became central to the band’s sound. Any single recording the last four decades is unique, but it is always authentic and a characteristic of Man.

Man keep being described as a Progressive Rock band, but there are obvious influences of Blues, West Coast, Folk, Jazz, and early Rock ‘n’ Roll. They are one of the best live bands performing today. Let them take you on a musical trip.

Man are led by (almost) original member Martin Ace, also known as the musical brains behind The Flying Aces. Expect some old classics and new songs from the new studio album.

Today, The Man band will be:
Josh Ace, guitar
Martin Ace, bass
Shane Dixon, drums
James Beck, guitar


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