Lord Rodney Slater, (co-founder of The Bonzos) and the man described by Stephen Fry as ‘An outrageous talent’ together with Sir Michael Livesley, (Vivian Stanshall’s Sir Henry at Rawlinson End) – plus some very special guests, present a raucous and gin-soaked performance of the music of Vivian Stanshall and The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band at the Margate Winter Gardens as part of the Margate Rhythm & Rock 2019. 

‘RODNEY SLATER’S PARROTS: Enlivening and the cheeringest-uppingest thing ever’ Stephen Fry

Back through the misty mists of time in 1962, before the twin hydra of social media and Simon Cowell had conspired to destroy the nation, a gestalt of musical energies coalesced around the art colleges and hallowed halls of London. Their mission to bring life, colour and drunken hilarity to a nation still shivering in the cold winds of war and austerity. 

In true Dada tradition they decided to call themselves The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and over the course of the following eight years they became an overnight success. Aside from scoring their greatest hit with the Paul McCartney-roduced ‘I’m the Urban Spaceman’ they also became household names due to their residency on the proto-Monty Python show Do Not Adjust Your Set. During those years they created one of the most eclectic and outrageous catalogues of intelligent whimsy and cacophony ever to emerge from these Isles. On September 6th Rodney Slater’s Parrots shall revisit this unique songbook and further explore the ‘Canyons of their Minds’.

The show promises to be an unmissable riot of good honest British rubbish carried out with the true Bonzo chaos – but not for one moment substanshall. Anarchy will be organised!

At least one member of the ensemble was the drummer on the classic Lou Reed album, Transformer, featuring the unforgettable hits, ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ and ‘Perfect Day’. Can you guess who it is?


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