Step into Skinny Molly’s world with music that swings from the wrecking-ball riffs of ‘If You Don’t Care’ to the reflective acoustic vibe of ‘None Of Me’, this is maximum rock ‘n’ roll, zero pretension, and when Mike Estes roars: “Hey rock star, just shut up and rock!” on the track of the same name, there’s no doubt the Skinny Molly singer is leading by example.

Look no further for a hefty slug of Ass-kickin’ Southern Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Skinny Molly was founded by guitarist/vocalist Mike Estes (formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot) with Nashville session drummer Kurt Pietro.

Originally put together to do a one-off tour of Europe in 2004, Skinny Molly has become one of the hardest working and popular rock bands out of the southern United States. Solidifying the current lineup, the band now boasts guitarist Jay Johnson (formerly of Blackfoot/Rossington Band), and Grand Ole Opry stalwart Luke Bradshaw on bass.

This line up has toured relentlessly. Their first jaunt found them crossing three continents in 30 days on the strength of their debut CD “No Good Deed”. Constant gigging has established them as “The band to see from the American South” across Europe as well as at home in the States.


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