MARGATE RHYTHM & ROCK 2022: Press Release

As you know, we were planning to return to Margate Winter Gardens over the weekend of 2-4 September 2022, but the venue is closing for major refurbishments in August 2022. I was very close to agreeing to a deal with Dreamland in Margate when things started to fall apart. I won’t bore you with the details, but I now realise it’ll be impossible for me to get everything ready in time to put on a totally satisfactory weekend event in September. I’m sorry: I really have tried.

Rather than mess you about any more, I’m going to cancel and offer those who’ve already bought tickets a full refund — but please be patient.

TO APPLY FOR A REFUND: please email admin [AT] (replacing the AT with the “at symbol” and removing the spaces) telling me how many tickets you bought and when. Approximate dates are OK if you don’t have the paperwork to hand. Also, if you used a different email address to buy them, please tell me what that was, as that’s how PayPal records transactions. I’ll do the admin needed and refund you via PayPal ASAP.
Please allow up to 60 days for me to process transactions.

Jim Driver (Organiser) 17/03/2022

Bad weather cannot stop play, and the sound quality should be great. There will be no off-limits ‘luxury’ areas and no annoying sponsorships. But we are planning plenty of real ales and ciders, oodles of great food, festival traders, and lots of fun stuff.

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