The  Sharpeez are old enough to know better but still they’re misbehaving with their blend of classic Rock, West Coast jangle and rootsy Blues-influenced attitude.

They have been developing and maturing, and like a carefully aged single malt whiskey they are finally ready to be appreciated. With the arrival of their new album Wild One ( which is set to become a classic) the Sharpeez have evolved into a major forcee. The Sharpeez have been gaining recognition in the UK and Europe, the new album will no doubt be taking them even further.

If you’ve got to the age where you want to put your feet up and relax to something soothing you’ve come to the wrong place because the Sharpeez ain’t taking no prisoners. They will drive twelve hours and play a gig that will peel paint off the walls and make you feel you’re missing out on something in life

 Inspirational is the word.

Welcome to the world of the Sharpeez!


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